02. The Countdown Has Begun

Then starts the long and painful ‘work up’ to the transplant; the decision to go for live or cadaver donation; dealing with the shock, arranging funds, and the excruciating wait on cadaver donation lists at various hospitals; delegating work and preparing for the long hiatus (3 months) post-surgery.

03. Poked, Pricked and Prodded

Endless pathological tests and pre-assessments at various hospitals, wherever the protagonist was registered with for cadaver donation; forms to be filled up, standing in queues; samples to be submitted, each positive result indicating a one inch movement, towards a successful transplant. Through it all, the pain, the anguish, the wait and the dilemma.

04. Donate, Not Sell

On organ transplant, the ICMR guidelines are unambiguously clear – no monetary inducements. Organs can only be voluntarily donated either by a living, person, related to the patient by blood, or an unrelated ‘brain dead’ donor, who has pledged his organs away to give life to another.


As she lay in her hospital bed, thinking a million thoughts, there was one that sustained her through the ordeal. Her dream for her 13-year old, adoptive daughter, Aarzoo

06. Ready for the OT

She was woken up at 5.30 am sharp on September 6, 2016. She brushed her teeth, took a bath with the antiseptic gel that the nurse pressed into her outstretched hand and changed into her new set of button-less, cotton tunic, and pyjamas, her tightly-braided, as instructed.